On Finishing

A few months ago, I was aching to cast on something for a baby. No baby in particular, I’m a 30 something with many friends of childbearing age so I knew one would come along in time. LATER THAT SAME DAY….one of my dearest lifetime friends told me she was pregnant. And so, a purpose!

I cast on the item (anonymous until she receives it, sorry..) and in no time, had about 2 inches done.

And then I quit.

Quitting is not new when it comes to me and knitting. What I love about the art is that there are so, so many facets available for exploration–so many techniques to try, so many yarns to choose from, so many items to make. Possibilities are endless, and my attention span is woefully short.

Something meditation is still teaching me: finish what I start. Today’s project took the form of that little baby item that had been languishing in the basket for a few months. It needed to be finished. I started on it yesterday (the creative, thinking parts) and knew finishing weaving in the ends, sewing on the buttons, and neatening the top would be meditative in action. I spent over an hour doing this.

Before meditation: I was tired, having just woken up. I was nervous, having had a nightmare just before waking. I hadn’t had coffee, so thinking wasn’t even an option–really an advantage in this case. 

Project: baby item in worsted cotton on size 8 needles, doing the finishing work.

After meditation: Energized. On a high from finishing something that had languished awhile. LOVING the cuteness!

Again, I don’t want to show the whole finished item, because it’s going in the mail soon. But here…I can’t resist showing you one little piece.



You’re welcome. 😉


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