Passing Time

Learning something new (or practicing a skill you forgot you had) is both joyful and meditative. Yesterday, I did the latter; I know how to “short row” but it had been a long, long time since I’d done it.

Last winter my husband’s cousin & his wife had a baby boy, J. I’d promised J’s mom a hat for her little man, but didn’t get to it when the weather was cool enough to use it. So, I shelved the project, and yesterday picked it up again to make him a “big boy” hat for fall.

My friend R suggested the pattern Aviatrix. It is formed largely by short rows; that is,  you knit across only a portion of the stitches to form a curve.

This little hat just fell off the needles. I had it done in an evening, about 6 hours. What a joy to make!



(The front is to the left.) I can’t wait to see what it looks like on J’s head.

Pattern: Aviatrix

Yarn: Full o’Sheep

Needles: US 7 & 9

Before meditation: frustrated from work. Tired out from heat.

After meditation: joy in creating something so darling, so quickly. A sense of completion. A regained sense of control of my time.


2 thoughts on “Passing Time

  1. This hat is beyond adorable! I love the color you chose as well.

    Reading about your progress makes me happy. It proves that peaces spreads peace!

    a Shimmering Star

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