About Whimsical Grace Creations

My name is Mandy.

I’m a person who has several emotional and physical issues with which anxiety goes hand-in-hand.

I’m learning to cope with my anxieties.

It’s really hard.

I live in Michigan, and I have a loving husband who’s fantastic at writing, being a work-from-home dad, and keeping me calm.

I have an adolescent daughter who hasn’t yet completely lost her mind from being an adolescent. She’s pretty amazing.

I have a sweet-but-short-bus cat that is our family’s, a foster cat who came to stay for 3 weeks and has been here much, much longer (good thing she’s clever & pretty), and sometimes a foster cockatiel, who is both lascivious and a mad wee beastie.

I knit, spin, and otherwise engage in using fiber (especially wool) in any creative way I can.

I have a day job. I sometimes like it.


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