Why I’m doing this; or, meditation in lace.

Meditation is calming. It never fails to stun & amaze me. So why don’t I do it more?

This has been an incredibly hard month for me. For a long time now, anxiety has been creeping up on my life. Some days, it’s hard for me to get out of bed, knowing I will have to face the big, bad, scary world. I’ve withdrawn significantly from activities I used to enjoy, and find even the smallest hurts almost insurmountable. Enter: meditative knitting.

Simply stated, meditative knitting is the action of knitting combined with the mind-focusing and clearing of meditation. Meditation is normally an INactive yet active process, involving soft focus and quieting your mind. But for someone just beginning the process of meditation, I found it to be insurmountably difficult.

Then, I started reading about knitting and meditation, and as it happens, the two are strongly linked. When one is engaging in the action of knitting, many of the same benefits of meditation such as soft focus, quieting the mind, lowering blood pressure, and easing stress come into play.

This blog is intended to relay some of the benefits of both knitting and meditation, share some of my own experiences in both practices, and build my own confidence back up as I seek respite from the anxiety that has overwhelmed my life.

Today: meditation in lace.Image

Project: Sawtooth lace to apply to a pillow, pillowcase, or garment at some point in the future.

Needles: Size 3 steel.

Yarn: random fingering weight mohair delved up from the stash in a lovely chocolate brown.

Before meditation: I was stressed the last few days in particular about some family issues, and some work issues. Today alone I’d been by turns been angry, overly cheery, sympathetic and dissolved entirely into tears from frustration.

After meditation: I feel energized, clear, and creative. I feel as though a spark is being rekindled. I have a clear focus on what the rest of my day is going to look like, and have made a date with a friend to venture into the world in a limited way outside of work tomorrow, for the first time in several weeks.

What a difference 30 minutes makes.